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Three words -  Imagination, Creativity and Production!


“If You Can Dream It, We Can Make It Happen”


As an entertainer/actor for most of my life, I have worked all angles of the stage from behind the scenes, on stage, and front of house as well as on camera and off camera. And, over the years, I have honed my skills, added new skill sets, and carved out a variety of “niches” and opportunities within the industry as well as offshoots from the industry.


Everything I do is a production - from the smallest party to the multi-million dollar event,  the outdoor stage entertainment venue to a live/filmed show, a small wedding to a Bride's Fantasy, a simple talent routine or a choreographed production number - Each requires Vision.  And, in that Vision is the ability to imagine, create, and produce a quality event/show within the timeline, budget constraints, venue capabilities, resources and talent made available. 


And, if I might perhaps add one more word to describe myself and my company - Learning.  I am continually growing, evolving, exploring, and constantly adding to my knowledge and skill set.  When people ask me what I do, I often reply by saying, “It’s shorter to tell you what I don’t do. I don’t do brain surgery. However, if you’ll give me a good video and one practice patient, I can probably do that as well.”  


I have an Associates Degree in Business, however, my true education has come from life and years of work experience.  As a guest speaker for many theater and film classes, I always advise students to gain knowledge in every facet of the industry - to become someone who is valuable, really almost indispensable, because of their diversity of skills, training, and experience.  And, never be afraid to go the extra mile, work through the break, take the extra load, and be known as the guy/gal who gets the job done right!


I am humbly grateful for the opportunities, contacts, and successes I have been afforded over the years. My secret? I simply surround myself with the most talented, creative, artistic, and knowledgeable team of people.

In short, no matter what you need - director, producer, crew, talent, writer, sound, camera, choreographer, graphics, wardrobe, set.......... Variety Productions is the best choice to bring your dream to life.

Circus Wedding Photo by Chapa Photography

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